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With a directional antenna, a 2m SSB transceiver with 50 W output and a PC you can make a QSO with EA6VQ (and other stations) using the Moon as a reflector!
DX-Sherlock now provides animated maps of the MUF evolution in the past 30 min.

Everything about radio technology and communication via internet radio.

The first to offer 144 MHz sporadic-E animated maps of latest openings in EU and NA

DX Sherlock 1.7, now includes the reports from the WSPR network
Version 1.5 of the KSTClient is available

Radio communication will be useless without these area on our website
Humor | Computer course
VHFDX.NET and VQLOG.COM Blog now available
DX-Sherlock 1.6. Now supports 10m. band
Version 3.1 of VQLog available
Radio Sherlock Internet search engine

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