Radio Amateur

My QTH for radio is an old farm in the middle of Mallorca, 35 Km. away from the city of Palma (where I live). The main advantage of this QTH is the fact that the closest neighbour is more than 500 meters away, and there is no TVI problems at all, and the main disadvantage is the high electric noise level of the area. One of the bigger transformer stations in the island with several power lines of 220 KV. is less than 1 Km. away. Depending of the power consumption and atmospheric conditions the noise can be up to S9+10, making impossible any traffic. Apart from that it is not specially good for tropo except from 10º to 45º where I have a very good output.

My working conditions now are:

  • TS-790 for 144 and 432 MHz
  • TS-690 for HF and 50 MHz
  • FT-102 & LT-2S transverter for RX on 144 MHz
  • Transverter LT-23S from SSB-Electronic for 1296
  • Power amplifier with a 3CX1500A7 for 144 MHz.
  • Preamplifiers with MGF-1302 for 144 and 432 MHz.
  • 8×17 elements M2 Yagis for 2 m. with elevation up to 90º
  • 20 elements Tonna for 70 cms.
  • 55 elements Tonna for 23 cms.
  • 5 elements Cushcraft monobander for 6 m.
  • 6 elements tribander for 10,15 and 20 meters
  • Dipoles for the rest of the HF bands
  • Estimated ERP on 144 MHz is 446 Kw.
  • Click here to view some pictures of my shack and antennas in 1993
  • Click here to view some pictures of my shack and antennas nowadays

Some of most outstanding awards in my wall are:

  • 2m. DXCC number 18
  • 6m. DXCC number 826
  • 2m. WAC
  • 6m. WAC
  • Satellite WAC

I also have a modest station at my home in the city of Palma. 17 el. Tonna for 144 MHz and 21 el. Tonna for 432.

I am currently regularly active on 6 meters (as EH6VQ till mid July2006) and 2 meters Moon-Bounce and MS. Skeds for 144 MHz EME and MS can be requested sending me an E-Mail

I am also the Vicepresident of the Radio Club Mallorca (EA6RCM). The main independent radio club of the Balearic Islands founded in 1979. If you are interested to visit our club have a look at our location on the map.

Do you have a directional antenna, a 2m SSB transceiver with 50 W output and a PC?